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If you are doing your degree, master’s, or doctorate in one of the top 10 universities in Malaysia, the chances will write a thesis before graduating.

Although writing a dissertation may seem far off when you first set foot at the University, time flies so fast, and before you know it, three years have passed, and graduation is around the corner.

Your final project before your name could appear on the graduation list is writing and defending a thesis. However, some students fail to graduate because they failed this last stage.

Failure is often attributed to some common avoidable mistakes. How can you make sure you don’t fall victim to these mistakes? This article is designed to prepare you early before the time for the project arrives; read through it and take notes.

1. Choosing a last-minute topic

Are those people who are married to procrastination? You seem to put off important matters for the last minute! Writing a thesis requires proper planning, and a last-minute dash can cost you graduation.

It is important to start brainstorming your thesis two years before graduation. This will help you not to choose the wrong topic. You will also have ample time to read relevant materials to build your knowledge on the subject during your free time.

Getting a head start will relieve pressure from your shoulders and allow you to write a quality and defendable thesis.

2. Writing before researching

If you are one of those who are good at rewriting articles or writing without reading and understanding your subject, thesis writing may disappoint you.

Writing a dissertation requires reading about your topic extensively before formulating an outline. Know what you want to present and where the information is found.

A thesis is not just statements thrown together; it should be unique and informative. Extensive reading is the key to succeeding in any writing project.

3. Failure to formulate an impactful thesis statement

You may have an exciting topic, a research question, and the material to help you develop the dissertation; however, the lecturer needs to know what your thesis is about before reading it.

A thesis statement is a window through which the reader pear into the content of your work. As a student, you want to create a killer thesis statement.

Nevertheless, some students make serious mistakes when stating their viewpoints. Remember, a thesis statement should be bold, precise, attractive, reliable, and direct to the point.

The statement must hint at what the reader will learn from your research. Avoid grammatical and punctuation errors in your thesis statement since this can send a wrong message to the examiner.

Fortunately, if you are studying in Malaysia, you can always seek help with your thesis writing from professionals at Sunshine Group. They will help you come up with a catchy and informative dissertation statement.

4. Lack of correlation between thesis statement and the thesis information

Some students write a good thesis statement they found on the internet without analyzing if the statement agrees with what they are writing. The rule of writing a dissertation is: that a thesis statement summarizes the whole document.

However, because of a lack of brainstorming and research, many students fail to obey this rule. They find it challenging to connect the thesis statement and the content logically.

Therefore, before you submit your work, read through your thesis statement and ask yourself: does it convey the main point in the thesis?

If you are struggling with research and building original content in Malaysia and Singapore, seek help in research from a professional team.

The thesis statement and the entire paper should synchronize. Avoid mentioning something on the statement that is not in the report.

5. Lengthy Abstract

This is another mistake most students in Malaysia often commit. After conducting an extensive study on your topic and arriving at a compelling conclusion, it is time to share it with the world.

However, many fail to condense this information within a reasonable limit. Your enthusiasm may get in the way, hindering your ability to shorten the abstract.

You want to ensure the abstract is within a single page, often ranging from 150 to 300 words.

6. Abusing academic integrity

It is not just Universities in Malaysia; all institutions across the globe hold academic integrity in high regard, especially in thesis writing.

How can one violate academic integrity?

If you violate university guidelines on thesis writing, so familiarize yourself with your university guidelines.

Plagiarizing content- Since deep research takes time and effort, some lay or busy students are unwilling to do the work. They Google the old thesis and rewrite the findings, leading to a plagiarized paper. Ensure you run your work through plagiarism software to clear any doubts.

False information- Because some students push writing their thesis to the last minute, they feel pressure to use fake data from the internet and write a thesis on this information. The examiners will realize this and fail you.

If you find gathering and analyzing data for your thesis challenging, you can hire SPSS homework help services or MBA assignment help to help you write original content.

7. Failure to seek proofreading and editing help

Have you ever wondered why book writers hire proofreading and editing services to polish their books? It is because fresh eyes will quickly identify grammatical or punctuation mistakes in their work.

If you have written your thesis, send it to a professional to read it through and make necessary changes. With fresh eyes, they will spot costly errors and correct them before you submit the work.

Editing and proofreading should also help to identify and correct jargon, unclear paragraph organization, and communication mistakes.

8. Multiple formatting problems

Dissertation formatting is as valuable as the content. The marking process of a thesis is often rigorous, and you do not want to give the examiners reasons to reject your dissertation before they even read it.

Poor formatting will send your thesis to its early grave before the professor reads it. Before submitting the work, review the dissertation template and ensure you have honored all formatting rules, including page numbering, citation style, indents, and margins.

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9.  Poor referencing and citation

Every research paper follows a specific writing format. For instance, if you are writing in APA style, your referencing and citation should use that format.

You should not mix APA, Chicago, and MLA referencing styles in one paper. It is unacademic to write this way.

The only way to avoid this problem s to learn and stick to the different styles.

10. Over-relying on tables

We know a thesis will always have data on a table; however, some students rely too much on tables. They present the data with no explanation,   

While data is okay, you should follow them with clear and easy-to-understand written content. The reader should know what the data from the table means by reading your explanations.

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We wish you success in your studies!

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