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About Us

Sunshine Group is a renowned online platform was originated in Malaysia that is constantly engaged in providing online assignment help,graphic design& SMM booster service to clients across the globe. The main motto of our company is “Clients Satisfaction Is Our Utmost Priority” We are achieving positive applauds from the students that have experienced our services, this is why we can provide an efficient online service platform to serve our clients continually. Our teams boast of expert writers, marketers, and even graphic designers who have immense knowledge and experience of more than 3 years in their specialization to support the demand of global clients.

That’s why our teams have the capability to offer various professional online services on the same platform to those clients who seek either assignment helper, gaining popularity as well as graphic design service and we genuinely value each people with fairly regardless of existing or new clients. Whether you are a student, working adult, researcher, or business owner from various types of business fields across the globe are sincerely invited to try our amazing online service at an affordable price. If you are looking for a team that thinks, or maybe you need somebody who can deliver great strategies to engage with your intended audience as well as deliver the best quality of jobs, look no further. We could be your next helpers.

Our Company

Who We Are

We provide an All-in-One Solution to serve your needs

How we started

Our company is mainly dealing in online writing services through its excellent team of professional assignment helpers, who have vast experience in academic assignment writing, offering the best quality content within the deadline and with plagiarism-free guarantee. As we knew that virtually each and everyone expected to get a quality piece of job on their orders, unfortunately, they’ve been scammed by some of the organizations, which they found online. For this reason, the founder of Sunshine Group planned to start a reliable online platform to reduce the overall burden level of a client, by providing the best quality assistance. It’s all because he’s tired of seeing so many people being scammed by the online writing service and this was how our first service was born on 16th Jan 2019.

Apart from the Assignment Helper service, we’ve started providing our service among the social media marketers here at the wholesale rate on 5th Sep 2020. Our current services would eventually benefit those clients who want to rapidly expand brand awareness and promote business growth in the digital market as well. Over the year 2021, we have successfully expanded into graphic design service to meet the needs of those clients who seeking high-quality design service at the lowest low cost. Most importantly, we provide dedicated support and the best quality service which can bring value for your money. That’s why we are able to remaining an excellent track record in terms of achieving satisfaction among clients that have availed of our services. Most of our employees are highly trained and educated and we provide quality jobs, and no fake jobs will be provided. Our teams are doing well over years, and we can say this proudly because of the increasing number of repeated customers asking us for further help in their orders. The number of clients recommending our services to their friends, colleagues and even business owner is also significantly higher, and this is an indication of satisfaction level among our clients.

Our Motto

“Client satisfaction is our utmost priority”

We’re constantly beliefs in clients’ satisfaction and for this reason, our company has a core vision to satisfy customers from different sectors and county as well. We provide online service without a physical visit required, and we provide the job as per the requirement of the customer. Our teams would not take extra charge for the inquiries, and a quality job is the primary concern of our company, which is the main factor that leads to positive feedback about our services among the clients.

Sunshine Group is the name of success to almost every client, especially the positive feedback of clients that motivates our teams to do well in order to satisfy them to the maximum level. We are looking forward that our platform can be improved continuously so we could reach maximum satisfaction among the clients that to subscribe our services. Let’s give it a try and see how we are going to serve you better!


To be the first Asia pacific consultation platform that track with integrity supporting the need of the local & international market 

Our Mission

To constantly surprise our clients with the creative platform and provide the best customer service to fulfill the need of our clients.

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Claim $20 bonus when you refer a min 2 friends to us in a single order! #T&C Apply 

Claim RM20 bonus when you refer a min 2 friends to us in a single order! #T&C Apply