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Professional Brochure Design Service

Beautiful Brochure Design. Great Return on Your Investment. More Leads

A well developed Brochure is an asset to any company’s opportunity. It helps to present reliability and seriousness to the cause,at a time when it is trying to become known in the market. Winning companies invest a lot of time and power into managing how they are seen by the worlds. Our team of highly qualified graphic designers would enjoy working on your project. As we are always up for a challenge and enjoy bringing a brochure design to life. We relish building brochures from the client’s ideas.A great brochure design will be your first step in building a new relationship with your potential clients.

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We provide superlative,world-class Creative brochure Design,Catalogue Design For You services at highly affordable rates

As a design company, we deliver time bound work. We help all kinds of businesses to convey their messages through professionally designed brochures in almost every way and manner. As a part of our corporate brochure design activity, our creative designing team assesses your product marketing objectives, carries out the required research, undertakes photography related work, and eventually creates corporate. Brochures created by us have some distinct characteristics. Our brochure design artists create highly impressive Brochure logo designs through appropriate usage of colors, fonts, ideas, and vision. We design brochures for related products such as:

♦ Company Profile – (Company Profile brochure is used to feature the company’s background, Mission, Vison, products and services)

♦ Sales Brochure – (Sales Brochure is designed with the goal of enhancing business sales. They display products, services, and the latest product offers)

Product Catalogue – (Product Catalog is an artful display of a business’s products and services, designed in a manner to attract clients and customers)

Data Sheet – (As the name suggests, the brochure type covers data-oriented brochures designed specifically to share information)

Event Brochure – (Brochures formats such as Folders are created for events. The corporate brochure design for the Event brochures tends to high-end clients at events)

Menu – (The Menu is used to display a restaurant’s, cafe’s, or a cake shop’s dishes. These menus are designed tailored to the organization’s theme)

Pamphlet – (Pamphlets are also known as flyers are intended to be mass-produced and widely distributed in a public location)

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Check out the range of Professional Sunshine's design team.

No matter what industry you operate in or what products you’re selling, a high-quality brochure or catalogue can be one of the most effective marketing tools for your business – one that sets you apart from competitors. This is a chance to showcase your products in a format that speaks to your quality, craftsmanship and will appeal to your customer’s aesthetics.Our team of professional designers will also advise on paper types, total number of pages, paper size, open size, close size and the different kind of folding. 

Check out the range of Professional Brochure Design Services offered by our team:

RM 150

Basic Package / One Time Fees
  • Cost Per Page up to A4 Size
  • Only 1 page
  • Logo & Contents to be Provided by clients
  • 1 Unique Brochure Option
  • 7 Business Days for first initial design draft
  • Free 1 Minor Revisions – additional revisions will be charged at RM 70 per revision (T&C)
  • 100% Ownership Right
  • 100% Unique Design Guaranteed
  • Final Files provided
  • Project valid till 14 days
  • 100% Advance payments

RM 650

Adv Package / One Time Fees
  • Cost Per Page up to A4 Size
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Logo & Contents to be Provided by clients
  • 1 Unique Brochure Option
  • 7 Business Days for first initial design draft
  • Free 3 Minor Revisions – additional revisions will be charged at RM 70 for each page (T&C)
  • 100% Ownership Right
  • 100% Unique Design Guaranteed
  • Final Files provided
  • Project valid till 14 days
  • 100% Advance payments

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customer require to pay deposit 60% or full payment before we start to design it.
  • Customer can show some sample to us or can direct contact us tell more detail about the task that you want to design.

General Queries for our graphic design service

Here is the general query from our previous clients.If you need more information about our design services, contact us right away and we will be more than happy to assist you.  

Q. 1. What are the other design services that you offer?

Our designer have vast experience in designing different types of stationery which include brochures, business cards, flyers, banners, posters, graphic motion video and more. Our designers first understand the goals and objectives of your business then produce designs that perfectly meet your business requirements.

Q. 2. How does Sunshine Group compared to hiring a freelancer?

Just like hiring a freelancer, at Sunshine Group you get your own dedicated designer at a fraction of the freelancer cost. Our platform helps you manage all your design projects, increasing the productivity of your team. Working with Sunshine Group makes design effortless so you can focus on achieving your business goals.


Q. 3. How does Sunshine Group compare to working with an agency?

We pride ourselves on our high quality which we deliver at an extremely low rate. We deliver our projects at approximately 70% of the cost of equivalent agency projects for the same or better quality.


Q. 4. How long it takes for my design project to be completed?

We complete design project upon the number of days decided at the time of discussion. However revision if needed later could cause a little delay as our services comes with quality, which takes time.

Q. 5. Is there a need for physical meeting before my project begins?

Most of our service and even the design projects are generally completed with via email or WhatsApp. Regular updates will be provided and your preferences will be implemented too.

Q. 6. When does my project start?

Will start arranging on your project starts soon after we get your design request along with the advance payment.

You get the initial concepts of the logo within 7 business days. Final logos will be delivered once the logo is finalized. It can be delivered on the same day of finalization or the next day depending on the time we receive the confirmation.

Q. 8. How many concepts do you offer?

We offer you with 2 initial Logo design concepts, depending on the package that you choose. For the rest other design project only one concepts will be provided.

Q. 9. How many revisions do you offer for my design project?

You will get max 2 revisions for your design project. For the next revision would be chargeable.Each project valid till 14 days.

Q. 10. What file formats are supplied by your team?

For your convenience, we provide the designs in the following file formats: JPG & PNG, PDF files or All files  

Q. 11. Do you offer Logo re-designing services also?

Yes. We not only help you to get an appealing new logo but also offer logos re-design service to provide your existing logo with a refreshed look and feel. Simply mention that you require a logo re-design service in your request.

Q. 12. Do you provide printing services?

No. We provide the print ready files which can be printed by any local printers.

Q. 13. Do I need to provide you with an idea of my own?

Yes, of course. While filling up the questionnaire during the order process, you need provide us with your idea or sample image of your design concepts so that our designers can work according to that.


Q. 14. Do I own the design copyrights?

Yes, of course. 100% Ownership Right


Q. 15. Do you provide a money back guarantee?

No. Our design services are not available with a money guarantee however we always assure that the needs and expectations of our clients are always fulfilled. We tirelessly work on your designing till the time you are satisfied with the results.


Q. 16. I have some more questions which I can't find here. How do I get those answers?

You can ask your question anytime by filling in the “Your Requirement” field in the form in Contact US page. We will get back to you with our answers within 24-48 business hours. For the quick response, you can WhatsApp directly to us.


A Well Developed Brochure Is Investment In The Company’s Future!

Claim $20 bonus when you refer a min 2 friends to us in a single order! #T&C Apply 

Claim RM20 bonus when you refer a min 2 friends to us in a single order! #T&C Apply