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Increase your Business Revenue & Exposure

Regardless of which industry you are in, popularity on Facebook marketing is essential if you want your social media campaigns to be successful. Whether you are trying to generate awareness about your company or trying to be an influencer, or whatever else you are doing, you need popularity. Imagine you visit an influencer’s Facebook marketing page, and it only has a couple of hundred followers. In what world will you consider such a page a reliable source of influence?  

A Facebook page with large number of followers not just brings a sense of reliability with itself.  is more likely to appear at the top of search results once a user queries for something relevant to it.This puts your page in the limelight and ensures increased visibility and easier popularity even if you stop running with your FB ad.

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Facebook Page Likes & Followers (Real & Actives - Worldwide) - Top selling+

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Quick Service Processing

We provide the fastest services. Orders are processed at a blink of eye.

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More than thousands of transactions and customers.



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Best Prices

On our cheapest SMM booster pioneer, you will find the most profitable offers for every wallet and taste.

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Your Data will be protected. Our service is 100% Safe.




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Efficient & Effective

Our main goal is to increase your popularity & exposure for sure. Thus, we provide all over the world at an affordable prices.

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Best support In The Market

We will provide you with all the necessary information and quick help with our SMM service.



Here you can view all the most frequently asked questions. Click on the question you want an answer to and the answer should appear. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to WhatsApp us.

Q. 1. What does the SMM service you offer?

We offer almost every common SMM services at lowest rate for promoting your or your clients social Media Profiles including Facebook. Instagram, Twitter,Youtube,Titok and much more just with a click of a button.

Q. 2. How can I set up my own business online and make good cash from your sites?

Since we have provided all these common SMM service on our website so you can just purchase from us  and sell all theses to marketplaces. Exp: 1k FB page Likes &    Followers cost you around RM 80, you sell RM 100, which means you can earn RM 20. One day selling 10k of this package ,you manage to earn RM 200 per day. RM 200 x 30 = RM 6000 a months.

Q. 3. How much time to start and complete the orders?

Most of the time, we promised our clients their order will start within 72 hours. Some time could be delay due to some specific reason such as Social Media sites Update or under Maintenance of our sites. Thus, we may not give you any guaranty for any delay,but We provide our best estimation for each orders during the processing of orders, however these are estimates. No worries, you can still submit a ticket to us if your order has been taken up to 72 hours since the days you placing your order with us.

Q. 4. Will My/Client Account be in Danger if I purchase your service?

No worries, you are 100% safe with us since we’ve offered our service to lots of regular clients, and have never heard of any account being banned or deleted after using our service. Most importantly, we take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your personal information to anyone. All personal information is encrypted and saved in secure servers.

Q. 5. Can I cancel the order which already place?

This is an automatic server so after place order we can't edit, change, cancel an order even if you insert wrong link. Make sure to check example link on service description. Order with different link format will not get refill / refund. Wrong link order can mark as completed automatically without delivery and in this case no cancel / refund. At the same time, if you delete / change / make private your page or URL after place order or after complete the order then we can't refill, cancel or refund it.

Q. 6. Will I be refunded for drop Followers or Likes?

Our system will look at start count when you place order and mark as completed after enough quantity. So, don't ask us for cancel or anything with reason "Views / Likes / Followers come from my real user, my fans, other seller etc.We Only guarantee the followers / likes / views that we deliver. We don't provide a guarantee for the total existing followers / likes / views which you bought from other provider or got organically.Example: If the order start count is 500, the order amount is 1000, we only guarantee the 1000 followers / views / likes that we provided, not the total 1500 or your previous 500.

Q. 7. What’s the different between Normal & Advance package?

It was actually nothing much difference between both these package. The only difference is just that Advance has provided up to 30 days refills without additional cost while the normal package was just about 2 weeks period of refills only.

Q. 8. How can I pay? Is there a monthly subscription? Is it safe?


You can pay with either local bank manual transfer, online banking or maybe some other reliable international transfer platform. All transactions are processed by a certified bank. We don't store any sensitive information about the payments, so it's 100% safe. Skrills payments are also accepted. We do not use recurring payments for automatic plans. When your order is completed we send you an Order ID so that you could renew the package if needed.


Our Testimonial

Our service has an extensive customer roster built on years worth of trust. Read what our customers think about our range of service.

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The service was excellent. Sunshine Group has really helped our business. Sunshine Group be nominated for service of the year.



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I have used many SMM booster over past 3 years. Sunshine Group is the best for cheapest price, highest quality and instant delivery. Support is also in time always. Thanks

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Sunshine Group is the best provider in world for FB page Likes & Followers services. I am using their service over 2 years and very happy with them. Thank you

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"Honestly, I wasn't expecting to gain so many Facebook page likes in such a short amount of time. I have increased traffic to my ecommerce site almost 300% through Facebook alone and our sales have been through the roof. Not to mention, the support team at Sunshine Group is absolutely incredible!"

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As a reseller I was searching for the most reliable SMM service provider and I found Sunshine buddy. Use this their service over 1 years till now. Very impressive with their service.

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Sunshine Group has helped my online business a lot. Over the past 5 months, my company sales have increased widely after I started on using their service on my company's IG to boost it.

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Claim $20 bonus when you refer a min 2 friends to us in a single order! #T&C Apply 

Claim RM20 bonus when you refer a min 2 friends to us in a single order! #T&C Apply