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Graphic Design

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"Clients Priority"
A design is either bad, good, great or WOW. Our professional graphic designers have mastered the art of WOW! Most businesses publish visual content and design is the one thing that can make a business look professional to its clients. Graphic designing if done right can help your business in establishing your identity, brand promotion, product advertisement, and much more. Sunshine Groups specializes in all kinds of graphic designing as per the requirement of clients. Our professional designers are experts in the art of designing attractive logo,social media posters, business card, brochure and more ! If you’re in need of professional graphics design services, we’re here to make sure that you shine! Visual content is the best way to catch attention, most importantly because it doesn’t take a lot of time to understand. Clients take a single glance and know that your brand exists. Because we are not just design your brands in simple, meaningful and in impactful way but we also deliver creative and innovative brand solutions that can grow your business.
Logo Design

Logo is the identity of your brand. At Sunshine Group, we design logo that represents your brand and tell your brand story.

Social Media Poster Design

Social media is more popular than ever and we will help your business to get the most out of your online presence.

Business Card Design

At Sunshine Group, we understand the importance of a great business card design. A professional business card design is necessary to impress your potential clients as it is the client’s first impression of your business.

Flyer Design

Sunshine Group is one of the best flyer designers offering global services. With more than 5+ years of experience in this field, we can make the most effective flyers for meeting your business needs. 

Posters Design

Posters are a great way to convey your message. It is the visual appeal of this promotional tool, which contributes to its success. 

Corporate Company Profile Design

An effective way to introduce the business It is said that first impression is last, so to leave first strong impression, business needs an Interesting company profile. A corporate company profile is a quick look into a company, allowing diverse groups of people to get a general idea of what the company’s products or services are target market, unique strengths, track record.

Brochure Design

No matter what industry you operate in or what products you’re selling, a high-quality brochure or catalogue can be one of the most effective marketing tools for your business – one that sets you apart from competitors. 

Menu order is like one of the booklest by letting your customer to know that what are you selling in your outlest. 

Package Design

Packaging design is the art, science, and technology of enclosing and protecting a product inside a container. 

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Claim $20 bonus when you refer a min 2 friends to us in a single order! #T&C Apply 

Claim RM20 bonus when you refer a min 2 friends to us in a single order! #T&C Apply